A dear friend of mine suggested I start a blog after sharing my feelings about writing and religion with her. In this day and age so many people are afraid or just not committed enough to ask questions, test themselves and celebrate their beliefs. Not so long ago I was one of them. I decided to take a stand and this only came when I noticed more and more Christians speaking ill about each other and other denominations within Christianity. I would like to voice my beliefs and opinions while at the same time listening to what others have to say. This will all go towards a book I’m writing about Christianity and beliefs but everyone is welcome to comment, just no hostility please (this isn’t YouTube where arguments pop up like a zit on a 14 yrs old’s face)!
I suppose I should say a bit about myself:
My name is Thandi (pronounced T-undie or T-ah-ndi or the same as Thandie Newton if you’re familiar with her). I’m female, 18yrs old, and I’m from Zimbabwe but at the moment I’m studying at a university in Australia. I was born and raised Catholic and yes, I do regard Catholics as Christians. I love learning and coming to understand others beliefs and belief systems, both religious and just general ways that the human mind works. I tend to look on humanity with hope and pessimism, basically I’m ambivalent. I’m generally slow to judge and  I can be very emphatic which can be a blessing and a curse. I love animals, sometimes more than people. I’m learning about the world around me and about myself (just like every other person my age) and I really appreciate it when people share with me so my understanding grows. I may be young but I’ve been reputed to be wise for my age.

That’s all for now. Feel free to air your views but no aggression please and any views aired may be used in my book (names will be changed and I’ll do my best to respect your privacy). I can’t wait to start this journey, I’m finally learning to fly!


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