From July 2013-October 2015 this blog traced the progress of a girl deeply in love with her God but also terrified to let him take complete control. It was like throwing your average toddler into a swimming pool without support. I was thrashing and drowning and trying to do a lot by myself without fully allowing my God to lead me.

In 2016 a titanic shift took place where Jesus revealed himself in my life like never before.

My old posts were Thandi on Training wheels and now I’m Thandiwe walking on my own, floating with the Holy Spirit within me.

I am Christian (Catholic denomination) with a heart for ministry and public speaking who expresses herself best through the written word.

I love writing, singing, worship, conferences, anime and being an inconclusive example of an INFP.

As of 2016 I’m studying for my Honours degree which means posts will be inconsistent but should come out on a fortnightly basis.

God bless, Godspeed and Holy Spirit lead the way.



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